I’m Nina, a professional love storyteller. I am based in Pretoria, South Africa but I travel where ever a love story is happening.

Storytelling is my thing. I want to capture you – your love, your heart, the essence of your story.

For me, life is about relationships and the joy that comes with it. I am in love with people, emotions, moments, and all things imperfect. Speaking of imperfect; I have awkward hand gestures, I tend to make inappropriate jokes, I travel a lot (but not enough), I am obsessed with blankets and I’m fascinated by our extremely beautiful and diverse world and the little people roaming on it. I also like coffee – we can go and get some if you’d like to meet up.

Relationships and love have always intrigued me but a few years back, when I met my own soulmate, it all changed. Herno – and our own wedding – changed it all – he gave me the power to think as wide as the horizon, he pushed me to grow into myself and to trust myself with something as big as someone else’s love story. As I mentioned, he does the video (under his own name, Other Half Motion Films) and I do the photos and we’re super close to a perfect pair.

Here’s us reading letters to each other on one of our favourite spots on earth: